Welcome to J2 Elite Marketing. We are Jen & James, the dynamic duo who are proud to serve other business heart-centered business owners. We focus on mission driven companies who also want to make an impact in this world. Whether it’s a solopreneur wellness business wanting to impact others’ health to a restaurant who gives back to the community, we love being a part in each company’s story. 

As fellow small business owners, we understand the challenges that come with running your own company. One of those challenges is creating a strong online presence. One that not only reflects your constantly evolving brand and identity, but speaks to your customers, as well. We want to ensure you keep your customers, and also gain more.

Throughout our careers in web design and programming, we’ve developed a unique design style with strong attention to detail. We believe in a less is more approach. Just because you can have all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean that you should.

It’s important to determine which elements are key to getting your message across to your customers – and which ones get in the way. We’ll help you wade through the options to find out what works best for your needs and goals.

One reason we are different than other agencies is our communication. In this new, distant and remote world, communication is more important now than ever before. For the duration of your project and beyond, we’ll work closely together to ensure that your marketing assets fit your individual needs, vision, and style. We’ll co-create all aspects as a team throughout your project and development process in order to bring the vision for your brand into reality. You’ll have frequent updates throughout the entire process.

The second reason we are different is we are truly mission driven. Our success lies in being a part of your story and watching how your brand gets noticed more and in turn serves more people.  It’s part of the whole “pay it forward” system the world needs to see more of.

Remember, modern marketing is complex, but the results are clear. The world needs your services now more than ever and we are your partner to help you tell your story, increase your brand presence and stand out from your competition.

Focus on what you do best and leave the marketing to us. Click here for your free strategy session.