Motivation hacks from the rich & famous

Ever wanted to be highly successfuL? Check these motivation hacks & stories for inspiration


When you’re looking for specific motivation hacks, there is no secret formula. There is just hard work and movement forward. If you KEEP trying at your goal, put in the work every single day, if you are single minded in your determination and you DO NOT GIVE UP, then eventually you will be successful.

Don’t believe me? In a moment, when you have read the inspiring advice from the motivators below, then you will. These incredible individuals stand as pillars of success, ingenuity, and determination.

  1. Have One Goal – Arnold Schwarzenneger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly one of the most successful people on the planet. Not only did Arnie get into incredible shape and build a huge amount of muscle, but he also managed to become the highest paid movie actor of his time, and the governor of LA. That’s all pretty impressive for a guy who grew up in a rural village in Austria, and who had a thick accent to contend with!What were his motivation hacks? Simple: he worked extremely hard. Arnie recalls how he would train for hours at a time, run businesses, and simultaneously work on his English at night school. He was able to do all this for one reason and one reason alone: because he had a single goal that he was absolutely passionate about. He said that every grueling rep was worth it because he knew that at the end of each one, he would be a step closer to his end goal.

    With every single curl and press, he was closer to becoming Mr. Olympia. If you’re looking for an inspiring read, check out his autobiography here.


  2. Practice The Same Kick 1,000 Times – Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee said that he doesn’t fear the man who practices 1,000 different kicks once. Bruce Lee feared the man who practiced one kick a thousand times. In other words, he “feared” (or respected at least) mastery.Bruce was enamoured with those who had honed and perfected their technique through countless hours of rigorous practice. This is what we all can hope to accomplish and what we all should aim for.

    This relates to a subject in fitness called “greasing the groove.” Essentially, the argument here is that by training a movement or a pattern every single day, you will find it becomes more and more deeply ingrained with every attempt.

    Eventually, it will become second nature and you will be faster, stronger, more efficient and more capable. So, while perfect mastery might seem a long way now, keep in mind that each attempt is just one of your thousand reps. Every single attempt makes you a little bit better.

  3. Make It Awesome – Elon Musk
    Elon Musk is probably the closest thing we have to a modern day Tesla – to the point that he named one of his companies after him! Elon went from complete obscurity to running PayPal, Tesla, and Space-X. He is almost entirely responsible for driving the commercial space travel industry, is transforming the environment with electric cars, and is known for pulling off Tony Stark-esque PR stunts.How does he do all this? Simple: Elon Musk clearly loves being the guy to introduce the world to science fiction ideas. He has spoken before about how he dislikes boring businesses. As such, he has chased after his biggest goals and ambitions.

    Simply by doing this, he has been more successful. That’s true because he loves what he is doing and feels motivated to wake up every day. But it’s also true because such big lofty goals actually motivate other people better too. They are memorable, they garner media attention. So, don’t have small goals! Make it awesome and go for broke.

  4. Nonreactivity – Navy SEALS
    This is probably my favorite tip of them all.  Navy SEALS go through hell on a regular basis, and that’s just during training
    (in fact their most grueling test is actually called hell week). They do this in order to prepare their bodies and minds for the kinds of situations they will need to perform in when they are actually fighting wars.

    So how do they cope? One of the tools they use is a mental trick called nonreactivity. That means simply choosing not to react to bad news, stress, anxiety, or setbacks. This has a lot in common with the school of thought known as Stoicism. It basically means that while you can’t prevent bad things happening, you can prevent yourself being upset about them.

    Notice what has happened, and move on. You can worry about it later. Tired of making excuses? I strongly urge you to download this audiobook. We all need a kick in the ass here and there.

As you can see, all the above people show us that the path to success is not so special – that they used normal techniques and that they faced many of the same challenges we do. Learn from them, and you can achieve beyond your wildest dreams too. Need motivation to start your own business or struggling to stay motivated as a small business owner? Book a strategy call with us and let’s chat about ways to alleviate the stress of business ownership.